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homepageHi! Welcome to AMProSoft.com, a website for finding out the latest news about AMProSoft. I'm Alex Mead, a web designer, author, artist, activist, programmer, performer and the founder of AMProSoft. This website is full of information on me, my music, books, art, videos, other websites and various design projects.

Info Section
Jan.28.2013 Site Update
Latest News - this news item posted on Jan.28.2013 08:59 pm by AMPro

So this is the first time I've ever been able to make a site update post without having to go into the archives and log into the old forum and make the update as a post. It's very nice to have one uniform way of adding content now.

Earlier today I tracked down and fixed several bugs in the content viewer. I also crafted some missing code so now individual site updates from the past can be viewed.

I've also begun a redesign of the home page and did some behind the scenes work on AMProLand. Might have something to show soon with both of those projects.

That's it for now.

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Journal Section
DeviantArt Diversion
Latest Journal Entry - posted on March.07.2013
During the month of February I took another unexpected turn. Deviant Art was one of the first websites I listed on WheretoGoOnline.com and in January I created a deviant art page


And in February I started using it. And then I got sucked in. Deviant Art has the unfair advantage of being a place where I can look at absolutely gorgeous images all day and study a new (new to me) Social Network at the same time.

I produced a lot of art that I'm very happy with. I learned A TON about creating digital art and creating it faster. A lot of the art I created contains copyrighted...


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Music Section
Random Song - creation date: Nov.18.2012 by AMPro running time: 2:56
Gallery Section
Winter Fun
Random Artwork - creation date: Feb.13.2012 by Sophia dimensions: 800x600
Video Section
Random Video - creation date: Mar.10.2012 by AMProSoft views: 145
Book Section
Jenna Sanchez [10]
Random book page - Relations: Smash Your TV! (online version) chapter: 1 page: 7 - by: AMPro
Relations: Smash Your TV! (online version)

Jenna Sanchez [10]

    Money. It was a strange thing to have as much of it as she needed. Jenna's job on the Space Station paid very well. And it didn't cost her much money to feed herself. And they didn't charge her anything to live on the station. And the station was beautiful in its way. If Randy Savoy could be up here with her, she was sure that she could live up here and be happy forever.

    But he was not up here. He was down there somewhere. She looked down at the planet Earth and tried to figure out where Massachusetts was again. Hotcha had shown her a few times before, but often times that part of the Earth was not in view. She couldn't see any familiar shapes. It didn't matter. Wherever Massachusetts was, it was so far away that it might as well be on the sun. The passing of time did not ease the desperation she felt. She needed to be with Randy. She would give all of this up in a heartbeat to be with him again.

    She was glad it was almost time for work. Work could at least distract her for awhile. Take her mind off of how much she missed him. She looked herself over in the mirror. She was starting to get a sense of what she found attractive. With her hair done this way, and in her long white dress with the Boeing logo on it, she found herself attractive. Many, many men on the station asked her out on dates. And she even knew Randy would not mind if she went on dates with them. Or even started a relationship with one or two of them. But she could not think of it until she knew Randy was safe. She had to know that before any other aspect of her life could continue.

    She looked out at her audience as she took the stage. She wasn't afraid of them any more. On her first day she was terrified, even though the audience was half the size, and even though she had sung for much larger audiences at UUtopius. Something about getting paid so much money to sing had put so much pressure on her. At first. But now she was used to it. All the Boeing pilots and station personnel always loved her songs. They seemed to be in awe of her the way many people were in awe of Hotcha. That made the singing easier and easier.

    "House the people... living in the streets. Shoe the children... with no shoes on their feet." All of the songs that were her fathers favorites were a huge hit up here on the station. Songs that had been forgotten, nearly erased from existence, were brought back to life through Jenna's powerful voice. It was the greatest way imaginable to honor her father. "I want to fly like an eagle... to the sea. Fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me." She sang for hours. And near the end of her set John Lamas showed up again. He was always offering to buy her dinner. Lately she had started allowing him to sit with her. She could afford to buy her own dinner. But he was nice to talk to.

    John was an officer in the Boeing Private Corporate Army. He was always telling her about how good she was for the Boeing spirit. She liked to hear it. Boeing had been so good to her. Ester Weinstein reminded Jenna of her grandmother. Over dinner, John Lamas told Jenna about the famed Boeing loyalty. She could only half listen because half of her mind was consumed by thoughts of Randy. The Boeing loyalty, and how unusual it was for a corporation to go in this direction and oppose what had been corporate orthodoxy for so long. But he assured her that wherever Ester Weinstein would lead, every single Boeing officer and employee would follow, because that was the Boeing loyalty. Jenna thought that sounded silly. And that the people should follow Ester because what she was doing was the right thing. Not just because it was Ester. John tried again to explain why it was necessary to have a chain of command and loyalty and organization to prevent chaos and promote efficiency. It still sounded silly to Jenna, but she felt like she was young and didn't know much about the world so she didn't force the issue. She just listened and nodded a lot and thought about Randy.
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Design Section
2013 Daemen College Anime Convention
Latest design work - creation date: Feb.20.2013


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