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homepageHi! Welcome to AMProSoft.com, a website for finding out the latest news about AMProSoft. I'm Alex Mead, a web designer, author, artist, activist, programmer, performer and the founder of AMProSoft. This website is full of information on me, my music, books, art, videos, other websites and various design projects.

Info Section
Jan.28.2013 Site Update
Latest News - this news item posted on Jan.28.2013 08:59 pm by AMPro

So this is the first time I've ever been able to make a site update post without having to go into the archives and log into the old forum and make the update as a post. It's very nice to have one uniform way of adding content now.

Earlier today I tracked down and fixed several bugs in the content viewer. I also crafted some missing code so now individual site updates from the past can be viewed.

I've also begun a redesign of the home page and did some behind the scenes work on AMProLand. Might have something to show soon with both of those projects.

That's it for now.

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Journal Section
DeviantArt Diversion
Latest Journal Entry - posted on March.07.2013
During the month of February I took another unexpected turn. Deviant Art was one of the first websites I listed on WheretoGoOnline.com and in January I created a deviant art page


And in February I started using it. And then I got sucked in. Deviant Art has the unfair advantage of being a place where I can look at absolutely gorgeous images all day and study a new (new to me) Social Network at the same time.

I produced a lot of art that I'm very happy with. I learned A TON about creating digital art and creating it faster. A lot of the art I created contains copyrighted...


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Music Section
Random Song - creation date: Nov.18.2012 by AMPro running time: 2:56
Gallery Section
I found a face
Random Artwork - creation date: Jan.07.2012 by Sophia dimensions: 800x600
Video Section
Random Video - creation date: Aug.10.2012 by AMProSoft views: 56
Book Section
Elizabeth Cohen [01]
Random book page - Relations: McEmpire (online version) chapter: 1 page: 7 - by: AMPro
Relations: McEmpire (online version)

Elizabeth Cohen [01]

    Liz Cohen picked up a Magazine with a solid white cover and 128 blank white pages. She keyed a magazine code and date into the back and then flipped it over to watch bemusedly as the liquid crystal paper transformed the cover from an empty white rectangle to the cover of People Magazine.

    There was a close up picture of Sharon Shafer on the cover. Sharon had been her old mentor. Much of what she knew about Relations had come from Mrs. Shafer. Liz had worked directly under her at Omnicom and had been her partner once on a McRonald's campaign that featured Hotcha the video music star. The videomercial for Sizzle, Sizzle, Shake It! had been number one on the charts for over a year. The videomercial was still played in fact. It had to be some kind of record for the longest running and most popular videomercial since the reorganization.

    Gazing at the picture of Sharon Shafer, Liz rekindled within herself the sense of pride she had from having played such a major role in McRonald's ability to raise the capital to acquire Yum Brands and Subway Inc. She felt like she had been personally responsible for the world functioning as it should.

    She broke with her tradition of examining the magazine sequentially from cover to cover and instead flipped right to the article on Sharon Shafer. The photos of her looked so young and beautiful even after so many years. Mrs. Shafer had aged beautifully and looked as commanding and charismatic as ever.

    The article itself contained no new news to anyone who followed Relations as carefully as Liz was required to. But she was glad that the lower level Relations class workers would be reminded of what a benefit Mrs. Shafer had been to the world.

    Liz paused and took a leisurely walk over to the window which extended from the floor to the ceiling. She gazed out at the new San Fransisco skyline. All of the new buildings looked so beautiful to her. So uniform and so perfect. The city of San Fransisco had been completely destroyed in the war on miseducation. Very few inhabitants of old San Fransisco were alive today, she was a rarity.

    Liz Cohen had been born in what used to be the country of Vietnam and she had been adopted by the Cohen family here in San Fransisco. She could remember all of the ugly buildings and the big ugly bridge from her childhood. It was all a mangled mash of colors and styles of architecture that didn't match. New San Fransisco was perfectly uniform and unfailingly corporate. A city-sized monument to corporate purity.

    Her next stop on her leisurely walk around her office was the vanity sink. She caught sight of her Asian features and cringed. She'd had her face reconfigured as best she could. Her nose was now more narrow and her eyes more circular and her complexion lightened. She could still tell that she had been born Asian however, and she hated it. She took her long blonde hair out of its pony tail and feathered it with her fingers. She was now surgically blonde but she feared that her hair still had an Asian limpness to it. She put it neatly back into its pony tail and washed her face and attempted to regain her serenity.

    Her serenity was what she felt gave her the edge in Relations work. High level Relations was very fast paced and stressful and yet she had always been able to tune out all non essential elements and find her calmness. She felt that calmness was something she was especially proficient at selling. The people wanted calmness yet none of them understood how to tune everything out and get it like she could. So she would sell them the image of calmness in consuming a McRonald's burger or a Taco Pizza. And the people would go mad buying it with every dollar they could find.

    That thought reminded her to get back to work. Calmness and serenety were all well and good but she was bordering on dawdling now. She had very important work to do so she went back to her desk and set aside the magazine and took up her workpad.

    For months she had been working on paystub design for Manpower Inc. Manpower was the corporation that hired, fired and paid all of the Laboring class in 1WG. Every week, every laborer in the world was receiving a paystub with their cash that she had improved upon. She was individualizing everything about the paystubs, from the ads they had on them, to specific warnings and encouragements. For years paystubs had reflected specific warnings based on what the worker had done wrong. And encouragements would be vague accolades whenever it became necessary to take some of the workers' rights away or add to their duties. But now Liz and the team that worked under her at Rubicam Relations Intercontinental Incorporated were engineering paystubs that admonished and encouraged based on the workers' own psychological makeup. Workers who were more easily motivated by telling them that they were stupid would get admonishments telling them that they were stupid on their paystubs (and then there would invariably be ads for Infocation educational products underneath --Infocation was Rubicam Relations' parent company).

    She was now working on personally tailored encouragements. The trial program had worked fantastically and improved production by 1.33% vs. a control group. This stood to make a huge impact on the CFT(Capital Flow Totals) of 1WG. Lots and lots more money would change hands and land in corporate coffers. She was doing the subtle work that increased the health of corporations across the board. Again she swelled with a sense of pride.
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2013 Daemen College Anime Convention
Latest design work - creation date: Feb.20.2013


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