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AMProSoft internet Ventures. Welcome to my tangled web of websites. Here is a list of AMProSoft Websites. Followed by a list of my GBINet.info political sites. Followed by a bunch of links that I'm affiliated with in some way.


Here are the websites that are officially a part of AMProSoft. When you browse around these websites, click the AMProSoft logo in the upper right hand corner to get back to AMProSoft.com.

    Where2GoOnline.com is a directory of fun and interesting websites. For anyone looking for more cool things to do on the internet this directory is the perfect place to start.

Precision Sculpted internet
    Precision Sculpted internet is the AMProSoft design studio. You can get your website designed by the very same people who designed AMProSoft.com.

716 BBS
    716 BBS is a local online bulletin board for Western New York and the 716 area code. The site features an event calendar and message boards to interact with the folks from Western New York.

Online Autobiographies
    Online Autobiographies is a website for online autobiographical books. So far it just has my autobiography, but hey, that's plenty to start with.


The GBINet (Green.earth.al's Big Ideas Network) family of websites are sites that I work on in my "spare time". They political websites, designed to bring about beneficial change in the world.

    Corporations-Suck.com is an informational website addressing the fact that corporations suck. Specifically, the website is designed to reveal to its readership the utter disregard that many large corporations have for the Earth and the future generations who will need to inhabit it.

    AllPowerToThePeople.com is all about advocating for people's basic human rights. Most importantly, the right not to die in some stupid war. Human beings benefit tremendously from peace, so let's get together and stop this tiny minority that continually manipulates the world's populations into violence and warfare.

    ProgressiveDirectory.com is a collection of Progressive Minded links and regional directories of progressive organizations and information. The goal of the Progressive Directory is to help Progressive Causes network together and to give people who are interested in activism a place to discover what causes interest them and find out how to contact organizations involved in those causes in their area.

    BrainRap.com Hip Hop music is a powerful force for social change. It has been a massive cultural movement based on empowerment for decades. Much of the hip hop culture has been appropriated and corporatized and had much of it's meaning removed. This is a website about artists who still make Hip Hop in the service of people: Public Enemy, The Coup, Mos Def, Dead Prez, Michael Franti, Paris and many others.

    ILoveMyCoop.com The "Cooperative" is a wonderfully democratic model for supplying goods and services to communities that need them. This website exists to promote cooperatives, generate ideas that can benefit cooperatives, and provide a forum for discussion among co-op members. This website also hopes to provide a wealth of information about cooperatives for people who are curious.

Here are a bunch of other websites that AMProSoft is associated with in some way. Sites that I helped with designing or contribute to. The first one is my memorial website for my mother.

SueMead.com Buffalo Naturals Pax Christi WNY Western New York Shared Calendar Project

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