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This is the Information section of AMProSoft.com. Here you can find information about AMProSoft and its grand history. You can give feedback, ask questions and explore ways to help AMProSoft spread goodness and light in our new forum. You can also find out about upcoming performances, releases and events on the AMProCalendar.
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Jul.26.2014 at 07:14:14am *
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Author Topic: What happened to this website?  (Read 2151 times)
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« on: Dec.21.2009 at 07:02:52pm »

There have been many device failures and hard drive crashes that have dealt AMProSoft many setbacks over the almost 19 years that is has been around.  But none were even close to as catastrophic as the crash of October 2008.

In September or August of 2008 I had a hard drive crash on my home computer.  I bought a new hard drive and began a slow process of downloading the files from my webserver back down to my new hard drive (as I worked on any particular website).  I had pulled down about 40% of the content from the various websites I had when suddenly the hard drive on my webserver crashed!

This was no reason to panic, I thought, because over the years I had been paying a lot (A whole lot) for my web server which I was certain included occasional tape back ups.  I was sad that I might loose a few weeks (or up to a month) of work or so, but that was certainly not the end of the world.

But then the server company that I had been paying all of this money to informed me that I should have been paying them even more money if I wanted tape back ups and informed me that they had never made any back ups of any kind of any of my work.

So that pretty much crushed the vast majority of my websites.  I had niether the time nor resources to put very much of it back.  I am only just now starting to reconstruct some of what got obliterated.

Needs to be done though.  So off I go.
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