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artThis is the AMProSoft Image Gallery. Over time I will add my art from the past, present and future to it (it's the future art that takes the most time to add (wait for it)). My earliest serious employment aspiration was to grow up to be a comic book artist. And for 3 years back in the 90s I succeeeded in publishing my own comic book featuring characters from my video games. Enjoy.
All Galleries
Digital paintings for 2013
8 images
pencil sketches and drawings from 2013
5 images
drawings by Alex Mead for 2012
6 images
digital paintings by Alex Mead for 2012
5 images
Pen & Ink drawings by Alex Mead for 2010
4 images
blender models by Alex Mead
11 images
ANSI artwork from the 1990s (back in the good ol' BBSing days)
15 images
Paintings 2010
4 images
Pen & Ink drawings by Alex Mead for 2009
6 images
photographs of me and my friends doing our thing on stage
11 images
Older drawings
8 images
Old Ray Traced images from old AMProGram comics.
3 images
some of my favorites among the many photos I've taken over the years
11 images
other early digital paintings of mine
13 images
Photographs of my family.
12 images


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Space Beats album
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