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infoThis is the Information section of AMProSoft.com. Here you can find information about AMProSoft and its grand history. You can give feedback, ask questions and explore ways to help AMProSoft spread goodness and light in our new forum. You can also find out about upcoming performances, releases and events on the AMProCalendar.
about AMProSoft

   AMProSoft was born out of a Computer Math class at Lafayette High School in Buffalo, NY during the 1987-88 school year. A wise (and benificent) Computer Math teacher, Mr. Alderdice, handed me the programming manual for the BASIC programing language one day --after I had gotten very far ahead in class. He encouraged me to teach myself (which I did). It wasn't much later that I discovered the joys of computer graphics. Oh sure they were 4 color 320x200 resolution graphics, but they WERE graphics, and as the programs grew in sophistication, I began adding a banner on the end which read "Alex Mead Producshunz" --later shortened to AMPro.

   For the next couple years I made very simple graphical programs. I tried giving them out on floppy disks but people needed to know how to use BASIC in order to load and run them, so that didn't go very far. Then in August of 1991 I discovered QuickBASIC and learned how to compile programs. I got so excited over it all that I cobbled some of my graphics programs into games, got myself a P.O. Box, wrote the very first AMProSoft newsletter, tha AMProGram (one page long), and declared myself "in business".

   I came out with some pretty good shareware games for the time period. I was getting better and better at programming and designing computer graphics. I was starting to get noticed. I made it into a few national shareware catalogs, and onto some good shareware CDs and such. But the world began to evolve away from me, as Microsoft picked up the Earth and hijacked it over to some strange plane of existence called Windows. My games had all kinds of compatability issues trying to run under Windows. Various programming libraries that I had spent all of the money I had on ground to a screaching halt and steadfastly refused to work under windows.

   Rather than bash my head against the wall trying to work with GRaphical User Interfaces, I decided to begin work on my long time dream of creating comic books. Tha AMProGram --the AMProSoft newsletter-- was several years along, getting better and better, and so as I neared issue #50 (in 1995), the AMProSoft Newsletter switched from being an email and Bulletin Board newsletter and became a print publication instead (complete with it's own 8 page black and white comic).

   In 1996, I officially registered AMProSoft as a business, purchased the domain name AMProSoft.com and began studying web design in earnest. Some friends of mine had designed a website for AMProSoft, but as the web began to take off I figured I could justify the $70 it cost to register a domain name at the time.

   I begun composing computer music years earlier for my video game releases, but even with video game production on hiatus, my compositions continued. During the 90s I composed some 300 songs and released two 120 minute AMProSoft Music casette tapes called "AMProJamz" and "AMProJamz 2: Return of tha Noize". These were followed by a shorter 90 minute casette of Dance Music called "I Thought I Told You to Dance".

   After a 3 year run of creating a monthly comic for tha AMProGram --and an evolution from an 8 page black and white into a 12 page full color comic-- tha AMProGram ceased production in 1998 with issue #83, and I went into a different branch of web design. In 2000 there was a redesign of the AMProSoft website but very little activity other than that.

   In 2001 I dedicated a little time to design a new AMProSoft website called 716BBS.com as a hang out spot for Western New Yorkers from the BBSing culture.

   In 2003 I wrote an Autobiography called "How To Care About Humans" and released it as an ebook on another new AMProSoft website called OnlineAutobiographies.com. In 2004 and 2005, inspired by the political climate in the U.S. at the time, I released two more AMProSoft books (on paper this time): A two part series of novels called Relations: Book 1 - McEmpire and Book 2 - SMASH YOUR TV!. I completed another redesign of AMProSoft.com to coincide with the release of book 2.

   In 2009 I recorded and released a CD called My Real Name is Alex. It is quite good.

   I am presently in the process of writing more books, recording more music (with the most funnest band in the universe, BloodThirsty Vegans) and converting lots of old web code into PHP for the 2012 relaunch of AMProSoft.com

-Alex Mead
owner, AMProSoft


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