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journalWelcome to my online journal. I'm Alex Mead. For many years people called me AMPro --so much so that it seemed like my name. More recently, a lot of people on the internet have come to know me as green.earth.al and in show biz...My Rap Name is Alex. Whatever name I'm known by, I still seem to have the same opinions and convictions, I still like to write and make public my introspection and try to say something that will provoke some thoughts and help people see the world in new and helpful ways.
Compulsory Journal Entry...
this journal entry posted on September.07.2005


a) I just told myself I was going to bed right away to be fresh and lively for work tomorrow. *sigh*
b) I have totally been working on a photojournal entry about Opus and that was supposed to be my next entry *sigh*

But what the hell... I feel the call to ramble on about myself before I can give way to sleep.

Free Ken Johnson!

Okay, so Sunday was AWESOME! That's the anual June & Rogers picnic here in Buffalo. June and Roger are like the embodyment of activism and they've been having Labor Day gatherings for TWENTY FIVE YEARS NOW. It's a huge big deal here. And when I go to it it's like a huge collection of friends I see every day and friends I haven't seen in years and some of my favorite photos I've ever taken are from there and etc.

This year, I was minding my own business, attempting to play a little game called "see if I can feed myself without using one paper plate or plastic cup" (which I totally WON by the way). And so this guy comes up to me and points at my name tag.

Okay, about the name tags. They already had "My Name Is" writen on them. At the very top. So I was forced out of my standard "Touch me I'm Alex" which I've been using since Opus 2004. I had to go with "My Name is Alex and I like Hugs"

Back on topic, my name badge had Alex in big letters on it. And this guy pointed at it and said "Alex. Alex Mead?" and I was like "yep." and he said "Kenny. Kenny Johnson".


Kenny Johnson is only one of the monumental shaping forces in my life. He was a co-worker of my mom and got so completely railroaded by our criminal "justice" system. And I can remember being a little boy and wearing the "Free Kenny Johnson" t-shirt everywhere I went and explaining to adults all of the specifict of the case. The whole reason I am who I am I think is because I knew at 8 years old that there's no justice in this country.

And then HE BOUGHT MY BOOK. And we exchanged contact info. And talked about my mom.

That was SO COOL.

Dance I said!

So they had a really cool Latin Jazz band at June & Rogers and they were awesome.

In the past I have watched my friend Jason (who wasn't there) dance all by himself at events. And I've looked at him curiously and thought to myself he sure looks strange dancing all by himself like that.

On Sunday I realized "Hey, he's not dancing all by himself. He's waiting for people to join him and nobody's doing so." It was all so clear to me as I was dancing by myself in my socks on the grass and following my bliss.

I think I had residual OpusNess coursing through my veins.

Is this Alex?

Okay. And one more cool thing.

Right. So we placed an ad for our Art-Activist Co-op here. Nothing really came of it all day. Then just as I was about to go to bed the phone rang. And the person asked me a few questions about the house here and I gave a few answers and we were scheduling a time for her to come look at the place and then she says.

"Wait. Alex? Alex, Alex? This is CC."

Oh MY GAWD. I LOVE Buffalo. It is the biggest small town in the world.

That would be so cool if CC were to end up joining the Art Co-op. She is such an AWESOME artist. Just wow.

Deep breath. OKay. I try go sleep now.

be Peace,

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