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musicOver the years I have written a whole lot of music and lyrics. I started off writing music for AMProSoft video games, then I continued writing music for the joy of it, then I started performing poetry, then I started rapping my poetry under the stage name My Rap Name is Alex and then I got invited to join the musical super group known as the BloodThirsty Vegans.

I'll try to provide some samples of all of that kind of stuff here.
4 Channel Modules
May.29.1995 -10:51 amBoundless Blue Sky
Dec.14.1993 -04:15 pmdream 9b
Impulse Tracker Mods
Jan.31.2013 -03:40 amArcade Battery Low
Jan.19.2013 -02:42 amNewsroom
Jan.13.2013 -01:51 pmMonkey Shine
Jan.06.2013 -11:20 amTime Lapse Traffic
Jul.04.2003 -05:00 amPledge to Resist (vocals by Saul Williams)
Feb.07.2003 -05:00 amBorder Patrol
May.25.1998 -05:00 amNo Frogs!
Scream Tracker Mods
Nov.18.2012 -08:32 pmChipped my Saw Tooth
Feb.13.1997 -05:00 amLast Stand
Oct.19.1996 -05:00 amSee Spot Dance


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