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WhatHi! Welcome to AMProSoft.com, a website for finding out the latest news about AMProSoft. I'm Alex, a web designer, author, artist, activist, programmer, performer and the founder of AMProSoft. This website is full of information on me, my music, books, art, videos, other websites and various design projects.

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website updates
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772videoAug.18.2021Finally! A new Boss RC 505 Loop Station on the horizon. The MkII
771videoAug.12.2021buffalo musicFarrow - Love Me For Me - Live at Elmwood Village Summer Concert Series
770videoJul.30.2021Bits n PiecesRevolutionary Love - Ani DiFranco | Valarie Kaur | India Walton
769videoJul.09.2021Bits n PiecesIndia Walton Democratic Socialist for Mayor - How it's Going : How It Started
768videoJun.19.2021Art VideosFun Art Project: Guess the Robot Muppets!
767videoJun.16.2021Bits n PiecesSpeak Your Truth | Mahua Moitra + Julius Malema + Emmanuel Afolabi (African kit drummer)
766videoJun.04.2021Cube PuzzlesBeyond Beginner's Method - The Vault - Cubing Fun [New Cubers]
765videoJun.02.2021Bits n PiecesThat Michael Brooks clip about Israel - Michael Brooks + Dua Lipa samples + Palestine!
764videoMay.16.2021Bits n PiecesRun the Funky Alias - Run the Jewels(RTJ) + Jonathan Pie + Andy Bichlbaum (the Yes Men)
763videoMay.05.2021the Menu ShowMay.05.2021 - Bits n Pieces video collages, ANSI Art and more Art
762videoApr.17.2021Bits n PiecesTed Nugent (Covid 1 through 18), MTG, MYPillow Guy - Republican Free Speech Zoom Party
761videoApr.01.2021Art VideosIntentionally going a little cross hatch crazy - #Inktober 3 - sleep chef dig buddy hide music...
760videoMar.29.2021Bits n PiecesNot in Our Name! - Saul Williams + Turbo (Michael Chambers) + Richard Pryor
759videoMar.15.2021Art VideosAMPro ANSiNator - ANSI Art and Programming Adventures from 1987 to 1995
758videoMar.08.2021Bits n PiecesGary Chambers jr. + Galactic + the Nicholas Brothers = that Deep South Good Stuff
757journalMar.07.2021Blog 2021Mar.06.2021 - My New Music, My Retro Video Game, My Art, Dr. Dooley on M4A!
756videoMar.06.2021the Menu ShowMar.06.2021 - My New Music, My Retro Video Game, My Art, Dr. Dooley on M4A!
755videoFeb.26.2021Art VideosDiscovering r/RedditGetsDrawn - My PhotoPainting proccess layer by layer in GIMP
754videoFeb.19.2021Art VideosVintage video game Break Through Bukulu from AMProSoft OC drawing by game designer
753videoFeb.07.2021Bits n PiecesDr. Victoria Dooley - a Fierce Fighter for #M4A [ #MedicareForAll | #UniversalHealthCare ]
752videoJan.30.2021Bits n PiecesOfficial Bits n Pieces Album - watch the video album here or buy the audio album on bandcamp.com!
751journalJan.25.2021Blog 2021Jan.25.2021 - 12 best photos | make music outside | Jan.6 Insurrection | Biden's Malarky | Cori Bush
750videoJan.25.2021the Menu ShowJan.25.2021 - 12 best photos | make music outside | Jan.6 Insurrection | Biden's Malarky | Cori Bush
749musicJan.23.2021My Rap Name is AlexThunder Tweets
748musicJan.23.2021My Rap Name is AlexTrae Crowder
747musicJan.23.2021My Rap Name is AlexIT Professional
746musicJan.23.2021My Rap Name is AlexGreta Thunberg
745musicJan.23.2021My Rap Name is AlexWeijia Jiang
744musicJan.23.2021My Rap Name is AlexYamiche Alcindor
743musicJan.23.2021My Rap Name is AlexD.C. Riot suite
742musicJan.23.2021My Rap Name is AlexCori Bush
741musicJan.23.2021My Rap Name is Alextrump vs. Geography
740videoJan.22.2021Art Videos12 Favorite Photos from 2020 (friends and family and other fun stuff)
739videoJan.17.2021Live Looping in the Great Outdoors? YOU BET!!
738videoJan.10.2021Bits n PiecesTrump's Coup Minions and their white hot rage: Attack the U.S Capitol Building in Washington D.C.
737videoDec.22.2020Bits n PiecesRage Against the Malarky: "C'mon man", "Corn Pop", "You Know the THING" and other Joe Biden Hits
736videoDec.16.2020Bits n PiecesCori Bush #BlackLivesMatter Activist heads to U.S. Congress!
735infoDec.12.2020Blog 2021Dec.12.2020 Site Updates
734journalDec.05.2020Blog 2020Paula White, Rudi Giuliani, Melissa Carone & My Rap Name is Alex on bits n pieces.
733videoDec.05.2020the Menu ShowDec.05.2020 | Paula White | Rudi Giuliani | Melissa Carone & My Rap Name is Alex on bits n pieces.
732videoDec.05.2020My Rap Name is AlexThe best of the 40SecondSong Project by My Rap Name is Alex [current events leftist rap lyrics]
731videoDec.03.2020Bits n PiecesMelissa Carone testifies over drunk beats
730websitesDec.03.2020AMProNetMy Rap Name is Alex bits n pieces
729videoNov.21.2020Bits n PiecesRudy Giuliani Sweats Motor Oil !!! "I Can Prove To You... (This is REAL!)"
728videoNov.07.2020Bits n PiecesSorry Paula White the angels of Africa and South America are busy right now. Please hold.. FOREVER!
727journalNov.03.2020Blog 2020Robot + Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince + Inktober + Trae Crowder + Dynomite Soul
726videoNov.03.2020the Menu ShowNov.03.2020 | Robot + Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince + Inktober + Trae Crowder + Dynomite Soul
725videoNov.02.2020Bits n PiecesIntroducing Trae Crowder (Liberal Redneck(For those that don't ALREADY KNOW!))
724videoNov.02.2020buffalo musicDynomite Soul [official music video] Do You Want It (Preview clip)
723videoOct.30.2020Art Videos#Inktober2020 2 - disgusting slippery dune armor outpost rocket storm trap dizzy coral

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Bits n Pieces 2020 album
Bits n Pieces 2020 album
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