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WhatHi! Welcome to AMProSoft.com, a website for finding out the latest news about AMProSoft. I'm Alex Mead, a web designer, author, artist, activist, programmer, performer and the founder of AMProSoft. This website is full of information on me, my music, books, art, videos, other websites and various design projects.

website updates
##sectiondate addedlocationname
364videoMay.22.2019 12:00 amMyRapNameIsAlex
All On Red - My Rap Name is Alex [original]
363videoDec.02.2017 07:05 amMyRapNameIsAlex
My Rap Name is Alex [LiveLoopOriginal] g.e.a. #4
362videoJan.01.2014 10:05 pmMyRapNameIsAlex
My Rap Name is Alex [lyrics] I Stand Up for Others (verse 1)
361videoDec.18.2013 09:49 pmAya's List
Aya - Fall 2013
360videoAug.30.2013 10:54 pmAya's List
Aya [Summer 2013] - Thank You Everyday
359videoMay.30.2013 11:32 pmAya's List
Aya [Spring2013] - Drive My Car
358galleriesApr.21.2013 06:22 amDigital Paintings 2013
Tara and AMPriana
357galleriesApr.13.2013 05:41 pmDigital Paintings 2013
Power of the Purple Petals
356galleriesMar.19.2013 08:37 pmDigital Paintings 2013
Lady of the Lava Lake
355galleriesMar.18.2013 08:52 pmDigital Paintings 2013
the Face of the Forest
354galleriesMar.08.2013 11:33 amDrawings 2013
Felguid (close up)
353journalMar.07.2013 07:38 amBlog 2013DeviantArt Diversion
352galleriesMar.07.2013 07:33 amDrawings 2013
351galleriesMar.01.2013 08:14 amBlender Models
Gotta be Sneaky
350designFeb.20.2013 07:03 amPrint Design2013 Daemen College Anime Convention
349videoFeb.16.2013 03:48 amMore Videos
One Billion Rising Buffalo
348galleriesFeb.07.2013 01:05 amBlender Models
347musicJan.31.2013 03:40 amImpulse Tracker Mods
Arcade Battery Low
346galleriesJan.30.2013 04:36 amBlender Models
Princess AMPra blender model
345infoJan.29.2013 01:59 amNewsJan.28.2013 Site Update
344videoJan.27.2013 11:08 amMyRapNameIsAlex
My rap Name is Alex [lyrics] Breakers in Space (verse 3)
343journalJan.27.2013 12:49 amBlog 2013Digital Diversions
342galleriesJan.26.2013 03:04 amBlender Models
AMProJack vs. Kortill
341galleriesJan.24.2013 11:04 amDigital Paintings 2013
340videoJan.23.2013 03:05 pmAya's List
Aya [Winter 2013] Superstitious
339galleriesJan.22.2013 11:06 amDrawings 2013
338galleriesJan.21.2013 11:15 amDrawings 2013
Sometimes... at the very end of a dull pencil
337videoJan.21.2013 02:57 amMyRapNameIsAlex
My rap Name is Alex [lyrics] Lovestream (verse 2)
336galleriesJan.20.2013 04:37 amBlender Models
335musicJan.19.2013 02:42 amImpulse Tracker Mods
334galleriesJan.17.2013 07:58 amDigital Paintings 2013
Breakthrough Bukulu
333infoJan.17.2013 01:55 amNewsSpeaking of Javascript
332galleriesJan.15.2013 10:02 pmFamily Photos
Family Collage
331galleriesJan.14.2013 06:57 amDigital Paintings 2013
AMProJack & AMPriana
330musicJan.13.2013 01:51 pmImpulse Tracker Mods
Monkey Shine
329journalJan.12.2013 10:04 pmBlog 2013Good or Bad at Capitalism
328videoJan.11.2013 02:24 pmMyRapNameIsAlex
MrNiA [lyrics] Toaster (verse 2)
327infoJan.10.2013 08:18 amNewsJavascript
326galleriesJan.09.2013 11:45 amBlender Models
Duck Ship
325galleriesJan.08.2013 11:01 amDrawings 2013
They Are Giants
324galleriesJan.07.2013 03:42 pmDigital Paintings 2013
Earth Lad
323musicJan.06.2013 11:20 amImpulse Tracker Mods
Time Lapse Traffic
322websitesJan.05.2013 06:46 pmAMProNetWhere2GoOnline.com
321videoJan.05.2013 12:45 amMyRapNameIsAlex
Disseminate Information (verse 1)
320journalJan.03.2013 12:45 pmBlog 2013of Gifts and Fighting
319infoJan.02.2013 11:52 pmNewsHappy New Year
318archiveJan.01.2013 07:27 amArchive2012
317designDec.28.2012 06:06 amPrint DesignWhere 2 Go Online Icons
316infoDec.28.2012 04:23 amNewsW2GO Off of life support!
315galleriesDec.21.2012 05:33 amFamily Photos
Mother daughter moment
314galleriesDec.16.2012 09:49 pmDrawings 2012
Conjoined 06
313galleriesDec.16.2012 09:47 pmDrawings 2012
Conjoined 05
312journalDec.13.2012 12:56 pmBlog 2012Randomly Accessed Memory
311infoDec.12.2012 06:40 amNewsDec.12.2012 - I think I can, I think I can
310infoDec.01.2012 08:41 pmNewsDec.01.2012 - State of the Update
309journalNov.25.2012 07:53 amBlog 2012Grati2'd
308designNov.21.2012 04:38 amPrint DesignBTV at Slyboots (poster)
307musicNov.18.2012 08:32 pmScream Tracker Mods
Chipped my Saw Tooth
306galleriesNov.17.2012 06:03 amPaintings 2012
practice goblin
305infoNov.13.2012 01:12 amNewsNov.12.2012 latest updates
304journalNov.10.2012 11:42 pmBlog 2012Musicwatch 2012
303infoNov.08.2012 11:38 pmNewsslow but steady progress...
302videoNov.03.2012 05:00 amAya's List
Aya: Fall 2012: Don't Sleep
301infoOct.30.2012 11:58 pmNewsNew 2012 Website Design
300journalOct.29.2012 03:36 pmBlog 2012*bamf*
299galleriesOct.21.2012 05:27 amPaintings 2012
fish face
298videoSep.11.2012 05:00 amAya's List
Aya 1 Year: Baby, makin beats
297galleriesSep.07.2012 12:45 amFamily Photos
Aya at the Meeting House
296galleriesSep.07.2012 12:40 amFamily Photos
295galleriesSep.06.2012 11:00 pmFamily Photos
Happy happy joy joy
294galleriesAug.23.2012 04:02 amDrawings 2012
Conjoined 4
293galleriesAug.21.2012 11:52 pmDrawings 2012
Conjoined 3
292galleriesAug.21.2012 10:46 pmDrawings 2012
Conjoined 2
291designAug.20.2012 11:19 amPrint DesignSunswept Housecleaning print ad
290galleriesAug.20.2012 12:21 amDrawings 2012
Conjoined 1
289videoAug.19.2012 05:00 amMore Videos
Awesome Buffalo Music [10] Randle & the Late Night Scandals
288videoAug.10.2012 05:00 amAya's List
Aya 11 Months: International Infant of Intrigue
287galleriesJul.12.2012 05:00 amPaintings 2012
AMPra 2012
286videoJul.11.2012 05:00 amAya's List
Aya 10 months: Born to be Wild
285galleriesJun.26.2012 09:19 amPaintings 2012
potential energy
284galleriesJun.25.2012 05:00 pmFamily Photos
283videoJun.23.2012 05:00 amMore Videos
Awesome Buffalo Music [9] The Tins
282videoJun.16.2012 05:00 amMore Videos
Awesome Buffalo Music [8] Slip Madigan
281galleriesJun.10.2012 01:12 pmPerformance Photos
BTVs at Flying Squirrel
280videoJun.10.2012 05:00 amAya's List
Aya 9 months: Groundin'
279galleriesMay.24.2012 03:04 amPaintings 2012
flight assist
278videoMay.11.2012 05:00 amAya's List
Aya 8 Months: The Science of Sound
277galleriesMay.04.2012 09:22 pmFamily Photos
276videoApr.11.2012 05:00 amAya's List
Aya 7 Months: Sunshine
275infoApr.11.2012 04:12 amNews2012 redesign underway
274designMar.22.2012 03:36 amPrint DesignNamaste Acupuncture (business card)
273videoMar.10.2012 05:00 amAya's List
Aya 6 Months: "They Call Me Dr. Worm"
272designMar.02.2012 01:01 pmPrint DesignMrNiA 5 Years event poster
271designFeb.27.2012 12:25 pmPrint DesignSalsa Class poster
270galleriesFeb.13.2012 04:30 pmFamily Photos
Winter Fun
269videoFeb.10.2012 05:00 amAya's List
Aya 5 Months: "Chew, chew, chew"
268infoJan.21.2012 09:31 pmNewsShared Calendar Project - beta test
267videoJan.10.2012 05:00 amAya's List
Aya 4 Months: Sayin Hi
266galleriesJan.07.2012 04:26 pmFamily Photos
I found a face
265infoDec.22.2011 12:04 pmNewsmy daughter
264videoDec.12.2011 05:00 amAya's List
Aya 3 Months: All Winners
263galleriesNov.23.2011 07:24 amBlender Models
262galleriesNov.23.2011 05:00 amBlender Models
Megalo-BGM-95 blender model
261videoNov.12.2011 05:00 amMyRapNameIsAlex
MRNiA + BTVs : Disseminate Information
260videoNov.11.2011 05:00 amAya's List
Aya 2Months: Baby Smiles
259videoNov.06.2011 05:00 amMore Videos
Awesome Buffalo Music [7] Glass Hero
258videoOct.10.2011 05:00 amAya's List
Aya at 1 month of age
257galleriesSep.18.2011 02:07 pmFamily Photos
Just the 3 of Us
256galleriesSep.18.2011 02:07 pmFamily Photos
255videoSep.18.2011 05:00 amAya's List
Aya's 1st Video
254galleriesSep.13.2011 05:00 amFamily Photos
Finger Mic
253videoSep.06.2011 05:00 amMore Videos
Awesome Buffalo Music [5] Dali's Ghost
252designJun.21.2011 01:44 amPrint DesignLifeCycles July 2011 Events Card
251designJun.20.2011 12:08 pmPrint Designpre-nuptials porch party poster
250galleriesJun.17.2011 01:46 amBlender Models
249galleriesJun.16.2011 06:42 pmBlender Models
248galleriesJun.16.2011 06:39 pmBlender Models
alien head
247videoJun.15.2011 05:00 amMore Videos
Awesome Buffalo Music [3] John & Mary @ Sportsman's Tavern
246journalMay.14.2011 11:32 pmBlog 2011Franklin Lopez is in Buffalo this Friday
245websitesMay.05.2011 11:32 pmAMProNetShared Calendar Project
244infoApr.03.2011 06:52 pmNewsWeb Design Studio Now open for business
243websitesFeb.16.2011 11:32 pmAMProNetAMProSoftDesign.com
242designJan.17.2011 01:10 pmPrint DesignFlying Squirrel fund raiser poster
241galleriesDec.14.2010 05:00 amPaintings 2010
240videoNov.15.2010 05:00 amMore Videos
Awesome Buffalo Music [1] Whiskey Reverb
239galleriesNov.12.2010 03:55 amPerformance Photos
Blurry but awesome
238videoNov.04.2010 05:00 amMyRapNameIsAlex
BloodThirsty Vegans: a little chat w/ My rap Name is Alex
237galleriesSep.30.2010 06:25 pmPaintings 2010
floating green face
236galleriesSep.06.2010 06:50 pmPerformance Photos
Me n Ben
235galleriesSep.02.2010 06:24 pmPaintings 2010
science is cool
234galleriesJul.24.2010 01:58 amPerformance Photos
Hello, Goodbye
233galleriesJun.21.2010 03:17 pmPaintings 2010
another blue creation
232galleriesMay.21.2010 06:17 pmPerformance Photos
BTVs at Nietzsches
231musicMay.01.2010 01:00 amBloodThirsty Vegans
All Winners
230musicMay.01.2010 01:00 amBloodThirsty Vegans
Class War
229galleriesFeb.27.2010 07:24 pmPerformance Photos
BloodThirsty Vegans play PKF
228designFeb.20.2010 04:28 amPrint DesignLet the Feast Begin (CD Cover)
227galleriesJan.18.2010 11:38 pmDrawings 2010
North South East & West
226galleriesJan.18.2010 11:38 pmDrawings 2010
Fun faces
225galleriesJan.18.2010 11:38 pmDrawings 2010
224galleriesJan.18.2010 11:38 pmDrawings 2010
2010 Drawings
223infoJan.18.2010 11:03 pmNewsfew new gallery pictures
222infoDec.28.2009 08:16 pmNewsWebsite Section now online
221infoDec.27.2009 05:20 amNewsthe reconstruction rampage
220infoDec.25.2009 04:15 amNewsGallery Section now online
219infoDec.23.2009 04:47 amNewsMenus
218galleriesDec.14.2009 03:43 amPerformance Photos
BloodThirsty Vegans at Club Infinity
217infoDec.11.2009 05:09 pmNewsrestoring AMProSoft.com
216galleriesNov.08.2009 04:10 amPerformance Photos
BloodThirsty Vegans in the Green Roo
215videoSep.15.2009 05:00 amMyRapNameIsAlex
My Rap Name is Alex + Gruvology
214videoAug.30.2009 04:45 pmMyRapNameIsAlex
BTVs - Lovestream
213designJul.21.2009 03:33 amPrint DesignBloodThirsty Vegans Schedule (poster
212galleriesJul.12.2009 01:59 amDrawings 2009
211galleriesJun.10.2009 09:56 pmDrawings 2009
210musicMay.02.2009 04:01 amMy rap Name is Alex
209musicMay.01.2009 05:00 amMy rap Name is Alex
Disseminate Information
208galleriesFeb.20.2009 10:55 pmDrawings 2009
207journalFeb.15.2009 08:00 pmBlog 2009Polamory
206journalFeb.10.2009 06:20 pmBlog 2009Ex-Champion
205journalFeb.06.2009 01:20 amBlog 2009Barkeep's Daughter
204galleriesFeb.05.2009 06:54 pmDrawings 2009
Captive Audience
203galleriesFeb.02.2009 05:20 pmOlder Paintings
lighting on the lower left
202galleriesFeb.02.2009 05:02 pmOlder Paintings
201journalFeb.02.2009 01:30 amBlog 2009Sports
200journalJan.24.2009 02:00 amBlog 2009Space Suit
199galleriesJan.20.2009 05:13 pmOlder Paintings
Novo 9
198journalJan.19.2009 10:31 pmBlog 2009Fatimah
197galleriesJan.17.2009 04:57 amOlder Paintings
196galleriesJan.12.2009 10:48 pmDrawings 2009
195galleriesJan.06.2009 05:05 pmOlder Paintings
younger yoda
194galleriesJan.05.2009 08:57 amDrawings 2009
2009 Drawings
193galleriesDec.31.2008 04:55 amOlder Paintings
192galleriesDec.24.2008 12:37 amOlder Paintings
Wizard Eyes
191galleriesDec.21.2008 12:40 amOlder Paintings
Old Man
190galleriesDec.14.2008 12:36 amOlder Paintings
the Hat
189galleriesDec.10.2008 01:03 amOlder Paintings
188galleriesDec.08.2008 01:05 amOlder Paintings
187galleriesDec.04.2008 12:44 amOlder Paintings
Futsin the Alien
186galleriesNov.30.2008 04:52 amOlder Paintings
Purple People Eater
185videoNov.09.2008 05:00 amMyRapNameIsAlex
Breakers in Space
184journalNov.08.2008 10:05 pmBlog 2008Inspiration for You
183galleriesAug.31.2008 06:16 pmFavorite Photos
182musicAug.27.2008 09:58 pmMy rap Name is Alex
Peace n Love (live (feat. Ibis))
181galleriesAug.24.2008 06:31 pmFavorite Photos
Leslie & Theresa's wedding
180galleriesAug.24.2008 06:26 pmFavorite Photos
Jason the fly guy
179galleriesMay.16.2008 09:41 pmPerformance Photos
EFS with Ibis
178journalMay.12.2008 11:26 amBlog 2008Jason + Lara + PEF
177journalApr.26.2008 02:29 amBlog 2008Water + Rates + Cameras
176archiveApr.20.2008 05:00 amArchive2008 AMProSoft Website Redesign
175journalApr.14.2008 06:48 pmBlog 2008Heather + BTVs + Job
174journalMar.29.2008 04:10 pmBlog 2008movement + functionality + comparison
173journalFeb.10.2008 11:59 amBlog 2008gratitude + envy + concern
172journalFeb.04.2008 04:56 amBlog 2008500 + 56 + 30
171journalJan.20.2008 11:34 pmBlog 2008clarifications + jubilation + elections
170journalDec.31.2007 06:25 amBlog 2007$16,802.38
169journalDec.23.2007 01:41 pmBlog 2007three
168journalDec.08.2007 08:21 pmBlog 2007One hundred forty-two
167journalNov.23.2007 07:58 pmBlog 2007seven-one-six
166journalNov.13.2007 11:22 pmBlog 2007two
165journalNov.11.2007 03:44 amBlog 2007thirteen
164journalNov.02.2007 05:01 amBlog 2007five
163galleriesSep.02.2007 08:23 pmPerformance Photos
BTVs at June & Roger's
162designJul.01.2007 03:40 amPrint DesignIs This Any Good? Flyer (for Ice9)
161journalJun.12.2007 11:34 amBlog 2007The Garden
160journalJun.04.2007 11:54 amBlog 2007Well... That Went Well
159journalMay.31.2007 09:57 amBlog 2007Show Schedule
158galleriesMay.28.2007 07:54 pmFavorite Photos
7 in sun
157journalMay.28.2007 11:51 amBlog 2007Magic Meeting...
156journalMay.21.2007 11:44 amBlog 2007Writing Down My Life In No Particular Order
155journalApr.29.2007 07:03 amBlog 2007Sweet Victory
154journalApr.27.2007 10:17 pmBlog 2007Upcoming Appearances
153galleriesApr.27.2007 10:06 pmOlder Drawings
152journalApr.12.2007 06:00 amBlog 2007New Song
151journalApr.10.2007 06:15 amBlog 2007New LOVE!
150journalApr.10.2007 03:57 amBlog 2007New Hobby
149journalApr.08.2007 12:17 amBlog 2007New Employee
148journalApr.05.2007 05:55 pmBlog 2007New Band & New Website...
147journalApr.03.2007 06:18 pmBlog 2007Seasonal Depression...
146journalApr.02.2007 06:00 amBlog 2007STOP: BlogTime!
145musicMar.18.2007 03:01 pmMy rap Name is Alex
g.e.a. (live)
144journalFeb.14.2007 03:01 amBlog 2007Anniversaries
143journalFeb.04.2007 02:02 pmBlog 2007Being OUT
142journalJan.21.2007 06:56 amBlog 2007I'm With the Band...
141journalJan.09.2007 01:52 pmBlog 2007Time and time again...
140journalDec.31.2006 01:08 amBlog 2006An Open Letter to Young Women
139journalDec.16.2006 04:53 pmBlog 2006Being 36
138journalNov.17.2006 06:09 pmBlog 2006B.A.W.
137galleriesNov.17.2006 05:00 amOlder Drawings
Bored at Work
136journalSep.09.2006 07:00 pmBlog 2006Blogger's Block
135journalAug.08.2006 05:16 amBlog 2006All my troubles seem so far away.
134journalJun.17.2006 05:50 amBlog 2006The End
133journalJun.10.2006 04:18 amBlog 20063am
132journalMay.22.2006 09:25 amBlog 2006What's Alex been up to?
131journalMay.13.2006 02:58 amBlog 2006Through the Air
130journalMay.06.2006 02:49 pmBlog 2006Sound Bites
129galleriesMay.01.2006 10:49 pmPerformance Photos
Hip Hop in Action
128journalApr.29.2006 01:35 pmBlog 2006Also not dead = AMProSoft
127journalApr.22.2006 02:04 amBlog 2006This Woman
126journalApr.14.2006 05:12 amBlog 2006breakDANCE
125journalApr.12.2006 02:43 pmBlog 2006Woah hey IIIIIII.   Ooooooowoah.  I'm still Alive!
124journalMar.19.2006 09:49 pmBlog 2006Mar.18.2006
123journalMar.11.2006 06:56 pmBlog 2006Hurry Up and Weight
122journalMar.08.2006 08:12 pmBlog 2006I <3 Buffalo!!!
121journalMar.01.2006 01:41 pmBlog 2006Photojournal: The Journey to Work
120journalFeb.23.2006 06:04 amBlog 2006My new rap song could whup your dad's new rap song
119journalFeb.18.2006 04:37 pmBlog 2006Relations: Audiobooks
118journalFeb.15.2006 06:31 pmBlog 2006Beer, Radio & Mutual of Omaha
117journalFeb.04.2006 05:52 amBlog 2006Your Very Own General Update...
116journalJan.23.2006 03:19 amBlog 2006Let's Talk About the Orange Elephant...
115journalJan.15.2006 03:03 amBlog 2006It's called Gratitude
114designJan.11.2006 04:19 amPrint DesignRelations promo poster
113journalJan.07.2006 10:13 amBlog 2006Caught Up To My Life
112journalJan.03.2006 09:34 amBlog 2006My Mother
111journalDec.31.2005 08:56 amBlog 2005Oh YES IT DOES rain in Southern California.
110journalDec.24.2005 06:50 amBlog 2005Finally!!: BOOK!
109journalDec.17.2005 05:39 amBlog 2005Sock Hands
108journalDec.11.2005 04:06 amBlog 2005Rosemary's Family
107journalDec.05.2005 07:50 amBlog 2005Birthday...
106journalDec.04.2005 01:25 amBlog 2005Me n Mr.#56
105journalNov.27.2005 12:15 amBlog 2005the Cycle
104journalNov.22.2005 03:15 amBlog 2005Public Performer
103journalNov.19.2005 11:03 pmBlog 2005My Friend Christina...
102journalNov.12.2005 09:51 pmBlog 2005Election Day...
101journalNov.05.2005 09:40 pmBlog 2005Bill Collectors Ringin my Telephone
100journalOct.29.2005 05:54 amBlog 2005I Kissed a Girl...
99journalOct.22.2005 04:37 amBlog 2005Life in a Dark Cave called Truck...
98journalOct.15.2005 06:41 pmBlog 2005I Acted with Manny Fried
97journalOct.06.2005 03:11 amBlog 2005Back to Work, You!
96journalSep.23.2005 01:46 amBlog 2005Things Fall Apart
95journalSep.09.2005 11:52 pmBlog 2005Make any new friends?
94journalSep.07.2005 03:10 amBlog 2005Compulsory Journal Entry...
93journalSep.03.2005 10:03 pmBlog 2005Stat!
92journalSep.02.2005 07:45 amBlog 2005My writing...is like a party.
91journalAug.29.2005 01:19 amBlog 2005a little more on that...
90journalAug.27.2005 10:36 amBlog 2005Home.  Sweet, sweet home.
89journalAug.18.2005 11:04 amBlog 2005Touch Base
88journalJul.31.2005 02:09 amBlog 2005ch-ch-ch-changes
87journalJul.24.2005 08:24 pmBlog 2005Feeling Humans
86galleriesJul.20.2005 05:35 pmFavorite Photos
Michael Franti
85journalJul.20.2005 04:46 amBlog 2005Photojournal: Spearhead Show
84designJul.20.2005 03:22 amPrint DesignLetters from Inside the Institution
83journalJul.17.2005 01:18 amBlog 2005The Gifts You Give...
82journalJul.11.2005 12:14 amBlog 2005Book Premier
81journalJul.09.2005 01:11 amBlog 2005Almost Famous
80journalJul.02.2005 12:55 amBlog 2005Pay me Later
79journalJun.16.2005 10:39 pmBlog 2005Book, book, book, GOOSE!
78journalJun.10.2005 04:42 pmBlog 2005T'was a pretty good event...
77journalJun.09.2005 01:18 amBlog 2005Tomorrow Night...
76journalJun.02.2005 01:56 pmBlog 2005All night source code sessions
75journalMay.27.2005 09:53 pmBlog 2005Wellness...
74journalMay.17.2005 02:48 amBlog 2005Upcoming Appearances...
73journalMay.13.2005 09:40 pmBlog 2005Youth for Youth
72journalMay.12.2005 03:17 amBlog 2005Back In The Dayz
71designMay.08.2005 11:15 amPrint DesignOpus Concentric Mug Book cover
70journalMay.05.2005 09:00 amBlog 2005Can't Stop the Bumrush!
69journalMay.02.2005 09:00 amBlog 2005Run Judy! Run!
68journalApr.28.2005 09:00 amBlog 2005Meeting Chuck D!
67journalApr.25.2005 09:00 amBlog 2005Conquering Fear in a Year
66journalApr.23.2005 09:00 amBlog 2005Coding and scripting
65journalApr.22.2005 09:00 amBlog 2005988 Back where it Belongs
64journalApr.16.2005 09:00 amBlog 2005Been a Bizzy Beaver
63journalApr.11.2005 09:00 amBlog 2005Relations: McEmpire tops 100!
62archiveMar.15.2005 05:00 amArchive2005 AMProSoft Website Redesign
61journalMar.07.2005 10:00 amBlog 2005Adventures in Booksellin
60journalMar.04.2005 10:00 amBlog 2005Yay! They're here!
59journalFeb.27.2005 10:00 amBlog 2005Dancing till dawn...
58journalJan.23.2005 10:00 amBlog 2005I Wrote a Book!
57journalDec.29.2004 10:00 amBlog 2004Damn Laptop!!
56galleriesDec.25.2004 04:58 amFavorite Photos
self at work
55journalDec.16.2004 10:00 amBlog 2004I just finished with...
54galleriesDec.13.2004 05:04 amOlder Drawings
53journalSep.30.2004 09:00 amBlog 2004Clean Green Mountain Air
52journalSep.07.2004 09:00 amBlog 2004When it Rains it Snows!
51journalSep.02.2004 09:00 amBlog 2004Various & Sundry
50journalAug.26.2004 09:00 amBlog 2004So now I'm a rapper...
49galleriesAug.25.2004 07:03 pmOlder Drawings
48journalJul.29.2004 09:00 amBlog 2004Reading From Humans
47journalJun.27.2004 09:00 amBlog 2004FAHRENHEIT 9/11 stuff...
46designJun.24.2004 10:54 amPrint DesignWHLD 1270 flyer
45galleriesMay.23.2004 09:04 pmOlder Drawings
Face Climber
44journalJan.21.2004 10:00 amBlog 2004East Side Pride
43journalJan.19.2004 10:00 amBlog 2004January project blitz
42designJan.12.2004 12:12 pmPrint DesignMartin Luther King Day Speak Out fly
41journalDec.15.2003 10:00 amBlog 2003Catchin up...
40journalOct.28.2003 10:00 amBlog 2003ANSWER march, design site, etc...
39galleriesOct.18.2003 06:54 pmOlder Drawings
Dark Hair People
38galleriesAug.31.2003 05:26 pmFavorite Photos
Jack & Emma
37musicJul.04.2003 05:00 amImpulse Tracker Mods
Pledge to Resist (vocals by Saul Williams)
36musicFeb.07.2003 05:00 amImpulse Tracker Mods
Border Patrol
35galleriesDec.01.2002 06:19 pmFavorite Photos
34galleriesNov.25.2002 06:02 pmFavorite Photos
Soffin's Thanksgiving
33galleriesAug.28.2002 04:42 amFavorite Photos
Dave & Holly's Wedding
32galleriesJul.24.2002 03:48 pmOlder Drawings
31designJan.12.2002 04:30 amPrint DesignDie Frenchie (cartoon)
30galleriesMay.17.2001 06:09 pmOlder Drawings
Strong Silent
29galleriesFeb.04.2001 06:11 pmFavorite Photos
work area
28archiveNov.19.2000 05:00 amArchive2000 AMProSoft Website Redesign
27websitesSep.11.2000 11:32 pmAMProNetWhere2GoOnline.com
26galleriesJun.06.1998 05:00 amANSI Art
Final Fantasy X BBS
25musicMay.25.1998 05:00 amImpulse Tracker Mods
No Frogs!
24archiveMar.08.1998 05:00 amArchive1998 AMProSoft Website Redesign
23galleriesFeb.15.1998 07:54 pmRay Trace Gallery
1996 Ray Trace image collage
22galleriesFeb.15.1998 07:49 pmRay Trace Gallery
1997 Ray Trace image collage
21galleriesFeb.15.1998 07:24 pmRay Trace Gallery
1998 Ray Trace image collage
20websitesFeb.06.1998 11:32 pmAMProNetAMProSoft.com
19musicFeb.13.1997 05:00 amScream Tracker Mods
Last Stand
18musicOct.19.1996 05:00 amScream Tracker Mods
See Spot Dance
17archiveAug.21.1996 11:32 pmArchive1996 AMProSoft Website Launch
16galleriesSep.15.1995 05:00 amANSI Art
the Underworld
15musicMay.29.1995 10:51 am4 Channel Modules
Boundless Blue Sky
14galleriesJan.12.1995 05:00 amANSI Art
Super Nova
13galleriesJan.12.1995 05:00 amANSI Art
the Bottle Company
12galleriesJan.12.1995 05:00 amANSI Art
Land of the Midnight Hawke
11galleriesApr.24.1994 05:00 amANSI Art
Starpoint Technology Station b
10galleriesJan.09.1994 05:00 amANSI Art
Homebelly Groove
9musicDec.14.1993 04:15 pm4 Channel Modules
dream 9b
8galleriesJun.05.1993 05:00 amANSI Art
Fantasia BBS
7galleriesMay.28.1993 05:00 amANSI Art
the Lair of the Wolverine BBS
6galleriesMay.16.1993 05:00 amANSI Art
Information Society
5galleriesApr.24.1993 05:00 amANSI Art
the Lost Souls of Reality
4galleriesApr.17.1993 05:00 amANSI Art
Insomniac's Nightclub
3galleriesMar.14.1993 05:00 amANSI Art
Malevolent Creation
2galleriesFeb.22.1993 05:00 amANSI Art
Starpoint Technology Station a
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