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archive Have a look around tha AMProSoft archives. There's a whole lot of history here. AMProSoft has been around unofficially since 1987 and officially since 1991. Tha first AMProSoft website went up in 1996 and was designed by my friends Dave Y. and Mikey C. An AMProSoft website that I designed went up not long after(1996), and I have been redesigning the place every once in a while ever since. I apologize in advance for all of the broken links in these old versions of the site. A lot of links have disappeared or link to things that have been discontinued. I figured people would still like to see the old sites as they used to be, broken links and all.
AMProSoft.com Archive
One of the earliest incarnations of the AMProSoft website. This is the version of the website that was posted on Pegsuz and ColorMeweb before AMProSoft got its own domain name.

It is still full of AMProSpeek (alternative spelling) so try to think phonetically when you go to read it.
This was a huge upgrade to a nice simple and clean look. This design was very diificult to maintin though since any changes to the menu required changing every single page on the entire website.
Not too much left to look at here. Apparently I was very busy with other things these days. This design was a lot easier to maintain and I was learning to make cleaner tables (if you check out the new section), other than that this version is pretty empty.
The 2005 redesign is still the same basic concept that is used today, just a little less fancy and organized a little differently.

There is some content in the Gallery that I didn't bring back for the 2008 version if you're interested.
The 2008 design was the next big evolution of the design style that started in 2005. The side menu got a little more compact and better organized. A lot of fancy details were added around the border. A forum has been added to the info section and it is being integrated into the rest of the website. Many other features and upgrades have been added here and there.
The 2012 update represents a major overhaul of the website. As of 2013 I'm still working on it, but other than borrowing from the same design path that the site has been on, everything has been reworked from the ground up. It is a vast improvement over what has come before (if I do say so myself).


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Bits n Pieces 2020 album
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