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W2GO Off of life support!
posted Friday Dec.28.2012 04:23 am

After more than 10 years of abandonment, I have finally updated the http://www.Where2GoOnline.com website.  It had become a broken website full of broken links, dead links, and links to websites that might have looked cool 12 years ago.  

I flattened it and started over again mostly from scratch.  The new version only has 8 links on it, and it's already better than the old version.  There will be four more links on Saturday and then on January 1st I will go through and put the links from 12 years ago that actually linked to something cool back in the system.  There actually were quite a few and I'll try to add at least one per hour after 6am.  So on and after January 1st Where 2 Go Online should be a pretty cool website to check out.



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