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journalWelcome to my online journal. I'm Alex Mead. For many years people called me AMPro --so much so that it seemed like my name. More recently, a lot of people on the internet have come to know me as green.earth.al and in show biz...My Rap Name is Alex. Whatever name I'm known by, I still seem to have the same opinions and convictions, I still like to write and make public my introspection and try to say something that will provoke some thoughts and help people see the world in new and helpful ways.
Menu Show 13 - May.05.2021 - Bits n Pieces videos + ANSI Art + more Art
this journal entry posted on May.06.2021

Mixing a little old with the new, showing some old software and mashing up a lot of great video clips.

The Menu:
00:00 - introduction
00:35 - Garylactic and the Nicholas Brothers
01:16 - Not in Our Name (Saul Williams)
02:09 - Ted Nugent and the Republican Freech Speech Zoom Party
03:36 - tha AMPro ANSiNator
04:42 - Intentionally going a little cross hatch crazy
05:24 - Wrapping Up

Republican Free Speech Zoom Party - https://youtu.be/hMQjeJsJuuQ
Intentionally going a little cross hatch crazy - https://youtu.be/YoqC4GQs3f0
Not in Our Name - https://youtu.be/_VxsKUwZLEM
AMPro AnsiNator - https://youtu.be/IAum3U9ZFE4
Garylactic and the Nicholas Brothers - https://youtu.be/a1oqNf9z7u0

This video on YouTube:

The previous episode of The Menu Show (Mar.06.2021)

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Live Bits and Beats album
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